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It comes down to life or death for your new lashes!

Taking proper care of your new eyelash extensions is imperative. This isn't just about long-lasting retention, but maintaining good eye health. Below, are a few of the most important aftercare tips to keep your lashes beautiful and eyes sparkly clean!


The biggest controversy with clients in the lash world - cleansing. It's true, you do want to avoid water and keep your lashes dry for 24 - 48 hours following your lash application. After that period, you should be thoroughly cleansing your lashes, eyelid and under-eye DAILY. Pat dry, (highly recommended to dry with a handheld fan to maintain fluff!), brush out, done.

Most clients get spooked with the initial instruction to steer clear of water, but we aren't talking forever! You will have much better retention if you cleanse regularly.

Lack of cleansing will result in buildup of oils (which break down the glue bond), dirt, debris, and bacterial growth (putting you at risk for an eye infection!). Ultimately, tiny Lash Mites (demodex) will reside, reproduce and snack on the buildup. No thank you!


Short answer: Yes, you can wear makeup while enjoying lash extensions. 

Fine print: Any creams, moisturizers, makeup and makeup removers that you apply on your face are encouraged to be oil free. Oils threaten the strength of the glue bond between your natural eyelash and the extension.

AVOID MASCARA ALWAYS (on the extensions)! It is 99.99% impossible to remove all traces of mascara from extensions carefully, thus causing buildup. Buildup is a literal barrier between your natural lash and the lash extension. Upon your next visit, glue will not stick to buildup or dirty lashes, resulting in less lash capacity overall.

Eyeliners are okay as long as they are oil free. Be extra careful removing eyeliner at the end of the day, as to not loosen the glue bond by wiggling back & forth too much.


Most of us touch our face many times throughout the day (consciously and subconsciously). Lashes can easily act as a shiny new toy to play with. This is more dangerous than you think.

Our fingers carry many oils, dirt and bacterial matter. The last thing you want to do is distribute these into your beautiful, fresh lashes!

Another situation to be aware of is your sleeping position. The recommendation is to sleep on your back to avoid snagging and crimping the lashes. This can force them to point in all different directions until your next lash appointment. Another recommendation is to use a silk pillowcase to allow our hair and skin to slide, rather than cotton snagging and pulling.

Have any other aftercare questions/concerns?

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