This fluffing lash cleanser provides a deep clean to the lashes, lash line and surrounding skin for a squeaky clean lash line. With regular use (daily or bi-daily) your lashes will fluff back to their original shape as if you just walked out of your lash appointment. When using with this lash fan, you are getting the full at-home "lash blowout" for the fluffiest results!


For more crucial information on maintaining your lash extensions, please visit our Aftercare page!

Fluffing Foam Cleanser & Fan Package

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  • 1. With your foam cleanser, dispense one full pump directly onto one closed eye. Do not open your eyes while cleansing.

    2. Using your cleanser brush, gently sweep the foam down your lashes several times. This brush thoroughly gets in between your lashes for a squeaky clean result! Make sure to cleanse your entire eyelid and underneath your eye.

    3. Rinse off your eyelid and lashes with cool water.

    4. IMPORTANT - Using a tissue, blot and hold your tissue on your lashes to soak up excess water on top and underneath your lashes. You may open your eye at this point.

    5. Repeat on the other eye.

    6. Use your fan to dry off your lashes for about 2 minutes, begin brushing through - your brushing motion should start just past your lash line, rolling outwards through the ends.

    7. Repeat every or every other day at the very least. Wash after every workout session and every time you remove makeup.

    NOTE: It is 100% normal to lose a few extensions in the cleansing process! Please don't jeopardize your eye health and eyelash health by avoiding cleansing due to a few extensions popping off. Neglecting your hygiene routine of your eyes can result in irreversible damage to your lash line!

    And now, your lashes are happy, your eyes are happy, your skin is happy, and your Lash Artist is very very happy. ;)