Your kit includes:
- Clear case with zipper (TSA approved)
- Lash Fan
- Foaming Lash Cleanser
- Cleanser brush
- Spoolies (5)
- Lint-free applicators (10)
- Water dropper

Why do eyelash extensions need to be cleansed?
The body's purpose for eyelashes is to deflect particles, such as dust, dirt, debris, dead skin, makeup, etc. from entering your eye. Eyelash extensions, generally longer and/or fuller than one's own lash line, catches and TRAPS these particles.

If these particles are left alone and never washed away, it creates buildup that hardens, causing itchiness and discomfort (and a mess for your Lash Artist!). Buildup then invites LASH MITES, yep you read that right, "demodex" mites that feed on the bacteria and debris. (Go ahead, look up a photo of these little guys). Ultimately, this all results in damage to your lash line that could be irreversible.

Take 2 minutes every day to wash your lashes to keep them squeaky clean, fluffy, longer-lasting and mite-free! Let your lashes live their best life. :)

For more crucial information on lash aftercare, please visit the Aftercare page!

Fluffing Lash Aftercare Kit

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Color: White
  • 1. Take the clear cap off of your cleanser bottle, fill with cool water. Use your water dropper in the cap to fill it up with water before washing.

    2. With your foam cleanser, dispense one full pump directly onto one closed eye. Do not open your eyes while cleansing.

    3. Using your cleanser brush, gently sweep the foam down your lashes several times. This brush thoroughly gets in between your lashes for a squeaky clean result! Make sure to cleanse your entire eyelid and underneath your eye.

    4. Use your dropper to rinse off your eyelid and lashes. Don't worry if there is still a little foam left.

    5. IMPORTANT - Using a tissue, blot and hold your tissue on your lashes to soak up excess water on top and underneath your lashes. You may open your eye at this point.

    6. Repeat on the other eye.

    7. Use your fan to dry off your lashes for about 2 minutes, begin brushing through - your brushing motion should start just past your lash line, rolling outwards through the ends.

    8. Repeat every or every other day at the very least. Wash after every workout session and every time you remove makeup.

    NOTE: It is 100% normal to lose a few extensions in the cleansing process! Please don't jeopardize your eye health and eyelash health by avoiding cleansing due to a few extensions popping off. Neglecting your hygiene routine of your eyes can result in irreversible damage to your lash line!

    And now, your lashes are happy, your eyes are happy, your skin is happy, and your Lash Artist is very very happy. ;)